College Algebra Activities and Explorations
For in-class cooperative learning in groups, individual assignments, or homework.
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March 2014 - new Exponential Functions and Cancer: The Bad, Better, and Good News

Specially Featured Activities:

  • Save the Pups! (This "calculus activity" can equally be used in College Algebra: instead of setting f'(x) to zero,
    one can use College Algebra techniques for max/min of a quadratic: here is a solution)
    (Quadratic Functions: vertex form; completing the square)

  • Screening Mammography: Numeracy for Citizenship, and Introduction to Modeling
    Solutions file in html available for instructors (email barzilai [at sign] gmail [period] com)

  • Mastering Percents: A Quantitative Literacy Exploration and solutions

    Other Activities and Explorations

  • Graph Your Story
    (Functions: Graphical)
  • A Week in the Life of Sue
    (Functions: Graphical)
  • Estimating the Mile Record   Modified from/inspired by example in Peter Taylor's Calculus      
  • [Guidelines and Solutions]
    (Preview of Calculus)(Functions)

  • The Candy Game: Introduction to word problems and modeling.
    (Word problems, modeling, and algebraic equations)
  • Cousin Phil: Linear Models for Financial Analysis.
    (Functions: Linear Modeling)
  • Phil Bates Solutions

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