DNA Talk at Ithaca College

Date: Wed, 10 Apr 96 12:42:56 EDT
From: moore@icsun.sunnet.ithaca.edu (teresa moore)
To: harelb@math.cornell.edu
Subject: Thanks!

Dear Harel,

First, let me apologize for taking so long to write. I have composed this letter many times in my mind, but writing it one handed has been daunting.

Thank you very much for coming to Ithaca to speak. The students thoroughly enjoyed your talk. You may have heard a few of them commenting that yours was the best talk yet! The level was appropriate and the material interesting -- especially to our pre-med student. The faculty also appreciated the opportunity to hear some new connections between mathematics and the "real world" which we can pass on to our students.

It was also a pleasure having lunch with you. I know the students appreciated the chance to talk to you one on one and to find out a little bit about graduate student life. I hope you enjoyed talking to them and that Stan and I shed a little light on faculty life at an undergraduate institution.

Again, thanks for coming, and if I can ever be of assistance, please do not hesitate to ask.

Sincerely, Teresa Moore
Department of Math & CS
Ithaca College

[Emphasis added. Professor Moore had a hand injury from skiing at the time. --HB]