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    Some of my talks and presentations...

    Caveat: These are mostly raw overheads; a few are draft overheads or old..
    ..and some are merely directories I can easily access rather than for public display. You've been warned!

  • Sources and Sinks: Quantitative and Citizen Literacy through Today's Key Environmental Issues at Spring 2010 meeting of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA, 2010)
             Nearly identical to talk given at Joint Mathematics Meetings of the AMS and MAA in Washington, D.C. (January 2009)
    Except in 2009 had additional overheads or handouts to show/share...................................add..scan...
           HANDOUT for talk: Project Requirements for semester group project

  • A Framework for Fostering Active Learning in College Algebra (MAA, Jan 2001)
  • What is Conceptual Algebra? overheads&exercises from 2001 workshop. (MCTM)

  • More than just a bag of tricks? Towards a unified framework for mathematical reform (Spring '00).

  • The Birth of Molecular Computation (April 99)
    Versions given at Cornell University; Ithaca College; Wells College; MAA VA-MD-DC regional meeting;
    Hood College; UW-Platteville; UW-Oshkosh; Shippensburg University; Cal Poly Pomona.

  • Writing, Speaking, Knowing: Communication as Pedagogy in Mathematics
    Given to non-mathematician liberal arts faculty audience.

  • Calculus Reform at Cornell A view from the field of an on-going reform initiative (March 98).
    Given at California State University at Chico, math department colloquium.

  • Education for Democracy (essay)
  • Writing in Mathematics: Fostering Introspection and Dialogue 1999 Joint Meetings

  • How do you See arithmetic? .
  •             [[[[Conceptual Algebra ADEPT talk -- not for public view]]]]
  • Preservice Teachers' Understanding of Mathematical Logic: A Preliminary Report

  • (((03 nov MAA))) (((Fall 2002 on ADEPT)))
  • # Conceptual Algebra: Active, Applied, Alive! for in-service middle- and high-school teachers at Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics Eastern Shore conference (February 2001). 04f-nctm-regional

  • Safety in the Classroom
    Fall 2006 at Cornell University (during my sabbatical there)
  • Ithaca College April 07
  • A Knack for NAC? Numeracy Across the Curriculum
    Fall 2007 MAA
    07may-bock-ql-enviro and 06f-ql

  • Add the "letter to BBC" example (percent of production versus percent of consumption) to talk with example of "answering questions, questioning answers, and questioning questions